Kerry County

Gradient Group, LLC was responsible for traffic signal design modification at 13 intersections throughout Kerr County for the TxDOT San Antonio District. The modifications included upgrading the traffic signals to include Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA), adding Vehicle Detection (as needed) and upgrading Pedestrian Elements if already existing to include APS and LED countdown heads, and Ramps (as needed). Gradient was responsible for documenting existing field conditions at each intersection including existing traffic cabinet, ground boxes, conduit routing, traffic signals, pedestrian signals and associated ADA ramps and equipment.  We then prepared CADD files utilizing Google Earth topo imagery as our base map for design. Plan-set layout sheets included Title Sheet, Quantity Sheet, Existing conditions / Removals of existing equipment, Proposed traffic signal layout, Proposed signage, phasing and signal head (Details), Proposed Conductor Schedules, Pole Schedules, Cable Termination Chart and Load Switch Details and TxDOT standards NOT needed for these plan-sets, per District direction. 


TxDOT San Antonio
Kerry County, Texas