Community & Government Liaison

Gradient is an infrastructure planning and engineering consulting firm that specializes in acting as a political liaison between elected officials and the engineering community for public policy, planning and public affairs. We maintain ongoing, productive relationships with numerous elected officials at the Federal, State, County and City levels throughout Texas. As a political liaison, we provide technical information, from the subject matter experts, in a non-threatening easy-to-understand manner to elected officials and high-level decision makers to gain consensus and support while illustrating the need and benefits to their constituents. We provide up-front, constant and consistent face-to-face updates, information and interaction with elected officials, as well as interacts and addresses concerns of their constituents.

Our political liaison services include:

  • High Level Strategic Advice
  • Legislator Outreach and Management
  • Public Policy Message Development
  • Political Intelligence and Advocacy
  • Funding Strategy Development
  • Public Policy Issue Management