Montgomery County

Gradient Group, LLC was contracted to conduct a traffic assessment for the proposed realignment of McCaleb Road from its current intersection with SH 105 to Chapel Road about 2700’ east of the existing McCaleb Road in Conroe, Texas. The scope of services for this traffic study included the assessment of 1) existing conditions, 2) conditions projected with Montgomery County’s proposed widening of McCaleb Road south of SH 105, 3) conditions projected with a realignment of McCaleb Road shown conceptually above. This analysis investigated the operational benefits of constructing a realigned McCaleb Road based on projections added capacity and diversion of existing trips to the new alignment. With regard to overall system performance in the area, with the realigned McCaleb Road in place:  

  • Network delay reduces by 14% in the AM peak hour and 4% in the PM peak hour;  
  • Average stops per vehicle reduces by 24% in the AM peak hour and 13% in the PM peak hour;  
  • Average network speed increases by 20% in the AM peak hour and 14% in the PM peak hour; and 
  • Total travel time reduces by 17% in the AM peak hour and 12% in the PM peak hour. 

Based on these results, there is a clear overall net benefit to realigning McCaleb Road to 2700’ east of its current location with signalization of the new intersection and coordinated operation of the signals between the existing McCaleb Road and Old Highway 105/Dam Sites Road intersections.   


Montgomery County
Magnolia, Texas