Webb County

Gradient Group, LLC was responsible the operational improvement studies including the development of a traffic and feasibility study for  FM 1472 from IH 69W to north of Pan American Boulevard in Webb County to determine the existing causes of congestion during peak periods of traffic, examine the use of alternative intersection treatments, and develop recommendations for improvements to increase the amount of vehicular throughput on FM 1472 and reduce delays. The scope of services included: 

  1. Develop Innovative Operational Intersection Improvement for 9 intersections; 
  2. Traffic engineering and level of service analysis; 
  3. Detailed traffic modeling using SYNCHRO and VISSIM simulation analyses for the intersections; and 
  4. Feasibility Study for the corridor 

Each intersection was studied under the existing conditions (2019) the opening year (2023) no-build conditions, the opening year (2023) build conditions, the design year (2043) no-build conditions, and the design year (2043) build conditions. SYNCHRO and VISSIM models will be developed for these conditions at each intersection for the peak periods of traffic flow and the results of the analyses will be compared to document the expected level of traffic flow improvement with the proposed changes in place. 


TxDOT Pharr
Webb County, Texas