Harris County

Gradient Group, LLC was selected by Harris County Commissioners Court to identify the Top 3 bike/ped/vehicle crash intersection locations/corridors for each Precinct based on the corridor rankings from the Phase 1 Pedestrian/Bicycle/Vehicle Safety Study. “Locations” include a mix of spot and corridor locations (a mile in length) and include multiple intersections. Gradient was responsible for retrieving full crash reports from CRIS (or other data sources) for each of the Top 3 selected corridors within each Harris County Precinct. The review of crash diagrams includes reviewing the officer’s narrative and any diagrams of the crash report to summarize each crash location, including variables such as the total number of crashes, crash severity, type of crash, time of day, geometrics, etc.  

Gradient was responsible for implementing the pedestrian and bicycle safety toolbox to recommend specific improvements for the Top 3 high crash corridors and/or intersections within each Harris County Precinct. The pilot includes an in-depth review of crash narratives and diagrams from police reports, determination of causative factors and safety issues, and engineering recommendation of specific improvements from the toolbox as well as recommend enforcement and/or policy level changes to be addressed for specific issues such as sidewalks and street lighting on county-maintained roads. Gradient was responsible for providing a technical memorandum summarizing crash summaries, engineering improvement recommendations, and policy-level changes for Top 3 high crash corridors for each Precinct (12 total). 


Harris County
Engineering Department