Harris County

Almost all trips, be they for work or pleasure, begin and end with walking. The ability for pedestrians to safely navigate streets, paths and trails throughout Harris County improves quality of life, increases our region’s economic health and contributes to providing viable travel options to a wider cross-section of our community.

Gradient Group, LLC was selected to lead the first ever Harris County – Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Study by Harris County Commissioners Court. The objective of this project is to conduct a bicycle/pedestrian safety study which involves determining the extent of the bicycle/pedestrian crash problem in Harris County, as well as developing a toolbox of potential mitigation strategies that could be considered when addressing existing issues.  We will also examine regional and national best practices for addressing bicycle and pedestrian safety.

All mapping and data analysis were completed within a cloud-based ArcGIS platform. The basic scope of services for this project will require that Harris County supply (or assist the consultant in retrieving) the following: 

  • GIS mapping layers to include, but not limited to schools, school zones, community centers, parks, designated bicycle and pedestrian trails, bus routes, transit stops and bike lanes. 
  • Traffic volumes at intersections identified with highest crash frequency. 


Harris County
Engineering Department